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Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry in Morocco is characterized by the presence of 3 distinct groups of companies.

Firstly, the important multinational companies which manufacture a part of their products locally and which are more or less guided by their head offices in the choice of the ingredients they use.

Secondly, some important national companies which have shown their capacities in this field nationally and even internationally. We can add some pharmaceutical laboratories which manufacture and develop specific ranges of cosmetic products.

Thirdly, the last group, but not the least, diverse small and medium-sized companies or cooperatives which have been launched in the field, with, as objective valorize the national resources such as argan, rose and lavender oil, etc.

Of course the needs and expectancies of these 3 groups are different: the first need ton find the approved ingredients at low prices, the second need to use more originality and some marketing, the thirds need everything: formulas, ingredients and marketing guidance.

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