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Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical field was a real challenge, which our partener BASF helped us to overcome. In reality, we started by commercializing the food ingredients of BASF, at which time the pharmaceutical laboratories were directly delivered by BASF.

The need for many laboratories to dispose of a stock of ingredients on the site, the possibility of buying smaller quantities, to have a responsible capable of reaching rapidly to their needs and also capable in guiding them and keeping them informed of the latest pharma ingredients, brought BASF to entruste us with this field.

A great part of our training was done in Germany. We return regularly for up-dating and extra training.

Also BASF experts accompany us when necessary.

Today, we ca say that the challenge has been overcome, furthermore, whe have added pharma ingredients, from de cognis, which we have the some service, plus other multinationals which have become our parteners.

Our range of pharma ingredients, of which much is sold from stock, is mostly composed of the following products.

Diverse excipients under liquid or powder form. Some essential elements such as, Pseudophedrine, caffeine, Ibuprofen, an anti acids, etc.

Complex vitamins and minerals:

  • PVP Iodine
  • Coating products
  • Colouring
  • Aromas
  • Emulsifiants
  • Glycerine 99,8%
  • Auto-emulsifying cream bases
  • Emoliants
  • Suppository mass
  • Surfactants
  • Consistancy factors
  • Solvents and solubelisers

Almost all of the ingredients meet the standards of USP and/or European Pharmacopy and are homologued by important pharmaceutical laboratories.

We cans also deliver IPEC-GMP certificates to help our parteners to analyse the ingredients.

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